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Spam Report
SPAM REPORT We have received your Spam Report and we apologize for the intrusion.  We will take immediate action to make sure this incident is not repeated. We hate junk mail almost as much as we hate spam.  We make every effort to enure that our mailings are desired and appreciated by the recipients.  We limit our mailings to two per month, except at special times of the year when we may send up to four per month.  We also have an “INFREQUENT LIST “for those who want to limit their mailing to one per month. We put an unsubscribe link in every email that goes out, just in case we inadvertantly send to someone who does not want to be on our list.  Even with all this, we occasionally get spam reports.  Again, we apologize for the intrusion. Thank you for contacting neckStyles™ on Etsy. Kind Regards, Patti and Diane neckStyles